mPower Venue Analytics

Supercharge your business decisions with more relevant data analysis

Delivering relevant and timely information about your business just became a whole lot easier with mPower Venue Analytics.

Learn more about your customers' preferences, gain a clear picture of the clientele in your venue at any given time, reward your customers for their patronage, encourage them to return, and increase your revenues simply by getting closer to your existing customers.

Sort, filter and report on data coming from your membership, POS, gaming, inventory, financial and HR management systems.  Drill across multiple data sets, to understand complex associations between diverse items like visits, gaming, food and facilities.

Identifying trends within your business and driving efficiencies across your entire organisation is helpful; being able to monitor, measure and respond to your venue's performance in a timely manner, is invaluable. 

Dynamic Reporting build reports to uncover patterns quickly and accurately, or choose from a host of preloaded reports and filters.

What-if Analysis discover "unknown unknowns" with modelling for more focussed, smarter business decisions.

Scorecards measure operations against strategy to analyse success on multiple parameters.

Dashboards monitor measure and manage, performance in each area at a glance.

Browser Based access from anywhere, including mobile, means better support for busy staff.

Historical data easily build data reports against timelines for benchmarking, planning and budgeting.

With easy plug and play integration to most existing software applications, mPower Venue Analytics works on a simple subscription model based on your venue size, making it affordable no matter how big or small you are.

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